Friday, May 6, 2011

How Direct Can He Get?

Do you ever wish you could just get a text message from God?  I feel that way right now.  I would settle for an old fashioned letter through the US postal service.  Or an email.  Maybe a phone call, or even a telegram.  Anything.  Anything that would tell me exactly what God wants for me or for my family.  I want a direct answer to my prayers from God Himself.

You see, there's been something on my heart for several weeks now, and I know the idea was not my own.  I'm positive of this, because following through on this idea would force me to be more selfless than I've ever been, and I'm rather content with my current level of selfishness.  But the still, small voice keeps asking this of me.  So I'm having a one-sided conversation with God, reminding Him of my inadequacies and failures, and of my lack of motivation and skills needed to accomplish this thing.  I'm sincerely hoping that He'll give me an alternative because He knows how little I want to do this.  I keep looking for a way out, yet I'm fairly certain God has given His final answer already.

Which brings me back to the text message or email thing.  No doubt, it can be very hard to decipher which paths God wants us to take.  It would be nice if we were born with a lifetime itinerary that detailed all the major decisions we would have to make, but I wonder if sometimes we don't make it harder than it is.  If we're really, truly praying for God's direction in our lives, then He promises to answer.  Is it possible that He is sending "email messages" that we never open?  Do we mark them as "undeliverable"?  Or spam?

Maybe He's answering our prayers and we just don't like what He has to say. 

Sometimes God's will looks nothing like our own.  Sometimes He asks us to do things that are terrifying or painful or that we just plain don't feel like doing.  Are you ignoring that still, small voice?  Or, like me, are you willing it to say something different?  If you are, then I don't think getting a text message, an email or even a phone call from God would make any difference...not until we start caring more about His plans than our own.

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  1. Ahhhh---wise comment. We need to be open to His leading, or no matter what approach He uses we won't be tuned in to hear!