Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Greatest Job in the World

Being a mother of young kids means that sometimes you have to say things you never thought you would have to say.  Things like:
                                          "Don't sit on your brother's head" 
     "It's not okay to shoot the cat" and 
                            "Get that leash off your sister"  

Being a mother of young kids means that your house is decorated with stuffed animals, toys and books, and this is the most presentable your living room ever gets...

Your countertops may be littered with grimy fingerprints, picked flowers, dirty dishes, baby bottles, and crafts that your children have given you (notice my fish trivet).

Being a mother of young kids probably means that your idea of dining out has changed a bit....

And a night away from the kids means that you and your husband get your own booth.

 Being a mother of young kids means that you get less sleep,
                 have more messes to clean up,
 more tears to dry,
              and less time to yourself (or with your friends or your spouse).

It means that you have things greater than yourself 
                                                               to love and worry about and pray for.

But your arms are the safest of places...
                               ....your smile is magical...
                                                 ...and your kisses have healing powers.        

Being a mother of young kids means that sometimes you might find a cat in a pink tutu sitting on your toilet...

....and it will remind you that you have the
                           greatest job on Earth.

We have the power to nurture.
We have the strength to mold.
We have the love to overcome any obstacle.
We have the awesome responsibility of raising Godly, caring, and serving children... 
                       ...and then releasing them into the world.

                   We hold the future in our hands.


  1. Hi Lisa, I found your blog link on Sarah Morley's fb page. You are a talented, inspiring, funny writer! I haven't read all of your posts, but I've read enough to know that I want to subscribe and put you on my blogroll. I recently started a mom blog as well. Would you check it out and consider posting it on your blogroll? Thanks for writing and keep it coming!
    God bless,