RAD Posts

A collection of posts relating to and detailing our journey with Reactive Attachment Disorder.

A Raging Battle

Dandelion Days

Time-Bomb Mom

The Bad, the Good, the Great and the Ugly

My little girl is "reaching" for healing!
Okay, so she's trying to catch a frisbee...
but we're truly very proud of her.

Her Eyes Speak

To Mothers of Unattached Children

An Attachment Problem of My Own

Today is the Day

The Calm Before the Storm

Compassion Fatigue

The Doorway of Anger

Resilient Little People


Bittersweet - but with Hope

Growing "In" Stability


Hang On

Dreary Days
The promise of spring and God's faithfulness give us new hope on our journey.



Broken Little Child


Red Tape

Laughter, Hope and Anguish

The Fall

Finding the Funny

Perfect Plans

Stepping Out in Faith





Labor of Love

New Hope of Spring


  1. Please advise if there are any specialists in insecure attachment in the U.K. My daughter is 17 and not adopted but I know this is what she is suffering from, Please Please help!!!! Your blog has been so helpful although I have hardly been able to read most of it through my tears. Please know I am thinking and praying for you xx

  2. Excellent blog! I'm really glad I found it.Thank you so much for the priceless insights. This would take years to learn on one's own. You have really helped me.

  3. This blog is a few years old. If your still there I could use some advise. My daughter is 18. We adopted her at 4. I thought she had over come a lot of this but instead when the authority came off she spun out of control. I want her to get help but not sure wherr that is. The last thing I want for her is to be back in the system but this time with a rap sheet.