Tuesday, May 31, 2011

AC and Tractors and Snow...Oh My!

It's roasting hot today.  Just like yesterday.  And the sun and I aren't exactly friends.  The good news is, today I'm sitting in my air conditioned living room instead of baking in the warm air outside.  What's the downside?  Our window air conditioning unit (which my wonderful hubby installed for me at 6:00 this morning) has been stored all winter in our musty basement, which I'm allergic to.  Consequently, I'm also allergic to the air conditioner, which insists on blowing thousands of evil little musty spores directly into my habitat.  So I'm sneezing, my nose is running, and my eyes are itching terribly...but at least I'm comfortable.  Kind of.  

Hey, I'd rather be allergic to cold air than swelter in hot air.

Is it just me, or does Memorial Day always seem to top out the thermometers?  I know it did last year, because I distinctly remember coming home from the Memorial Day parade half burnt.  It was the back half.  The front half was still white as snow.  Lobster back, snow front.  No bronze in sight.  I told you...the sun and I don't get along. 

So yeah, Memorial Day.  Our family always goes to the Memorial Day parade in the little podunk town where my husband teaches.  It's an awesome parade.  Well, not awesome in the normal definition, but awesome for podunkville, where your value is determined by the size of your tractor.  Their parade is simple and 'old-fashioned America' charming.  There are no impressive floats, no giant balloons, no uniformed marching bands or cheerleaders, and there are no Shriners, no clowns, and no big politicians looking for your vote.  But what they do have, they have plenty of:  kids on decorated bikes, dogs with patriotic collars, local business owners pulling flatbeds full of flag-waving family members, horses, candy.  And.... tractors.  Lots and lots of tractors (all different sizes, too!). 

We now have a candy supply (I call it a "temptation supply") that will last us until Halloween. 

When it will be cold again.

Although, knowing Michigan, it could be cold again tomorrow.  In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, it's entirely feasible that my poor husband could be forced to take out the air conditioner and return it to the musty basement because Michigan has forgotten again what season it should be.  Just like in April, when it was 80 degrees on April 10th, and my kids wore short-sleeves and sundresses to church.  Eight days later, on April 18th, there was a blizzard.  I sent my kids to school in snowpants.  Sundresses and snowpants.  Only in Michigan. 

Michigan frequently gets distracted and forgets what it's working on... 

We have something in common, Michigan and I.  We both have ADHD. 


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  1. LOVE this, lisa! only you could make me actually smile and laugh about hot, humid weather. ew. i just shuddered. :)