Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Second Wind

Moving has been a  l o n g  and  t i r i n g  process. 

The weeks leading up to our move were full of laundry, packing, cleaning, sorting and hyperventilating.  For an ADHD girl who has trouble concentrating on any one thing for any length of time, there were an awful lot of things that needed to be concentrated on for long lengths of time.  It was exhausting, and I found myself longing for that magical second wind to hit me.

After a couple of weeks of all that motivation-requiring craziness, I was pooped.  Yet I had no choice but to keep going, as many of our fabulous friends and family members were gearing up for the big moving weekend, which was looming in the future like a previously-committed-to bungee jump.  The dreaded weekend came and went ever so slowly, taking with it even more energy and leaving our family (as well as several of those fabulous friends) completely sapped.

I woke up the day after the move...the first night in our new house...feeling every muscle in my entire body, and I hadn't even helped lift the piano.  I felt like a moving truck had run me over, backed up, and done it again just for laughs, and yet our home-transference was not nearly over.  No, not nearly over at all.

I had no choice but to pick myself up the following day and plod along, trusting that rivers of energy would find me along the journey of cleaning out our old house.  For days, I packed up the children, ventured from the new house (where I wanted to be) to the old house (where I needed to be) to perform hundreds of motivation-and-concentration-requiring, energy-stealing tasks.

And instead of getting my second (or third, or fourth) wind, and instead of bouncing back from that achy hit-by-a-moving-truck feeling or drinking deeply from those abundant rivers of energy, I was getting more wiped out each day. 

Curious, I thought.  Very curious.

And then one day, it became quite clear why I wasn't bouncing back from the chaos and busyness as we would expect, as well as why I was feeling nauseous every hour on the hour, and why I nearly got sick in the coffee aisle at Meijer. 

And suddenly, we find ourselves even more thankful for the blessing of this great big farmhouse.

Scott and I are very pleased to announce that baby number six will be joining our family in January. 
Somewhere between now and then, I'm hoping to finally get my second wind so I can unpack all these boxes!


  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!! this is AMAZING news!!!! so many hugs, happy dances, and congratulations to you all!! i am praying for your new little one as well as your poor body that is creating heart valves, caring for a family of seven AND moving into a new farmhouse. love to you friend!

  2. Lisa! I love this news! Remembering many conversations about our growing families and wondering about God's plans... thankful He's blessed you all with a farmhouse and a new baby! I want to come visit and help! Can I? I am back on facebook sometimes. Just message...

  3. oh I'm SO excited for you!! When are you due? We must be close!! I'll be praying for you!!

  4. Congratulations Lisa (and family)! Very excited for this new adventure before you all. Having grown up out in the country, I am loving all the little farm-life moments you guys are experiencing by the way. Enjoy the weekend. :)