Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Glimpse into Our Marriage #2

Dearest Neglectful Suitor and Love of My Life,

Two long days have passed, and not a written word have I received. I have seen you, tis true, I have felt your embrace, and have even had chance to hear of your love via the telephone. But alas, no pen and ink declaration of love have I encountered in nearly two days' time (Or was it yesterday? Of this I cannot be sure.) I am left wondering what evils of your vocation have been keeping you. What pressing matters are you encountering that are, my darling, of greater significance and importance than expressing your affections by way of email?

Even now, oh Great Love, as I laboriously care for and educate the four youngest heirs to your dynasty, I have found a fraction of a moment to write to you. (just sayin')

I shall be anxiously awaiting, Love, your timely reply. (Either that, or I'll see you at 4:20...whatever works)

Yours Most Unsarcastically,
Lady Lisa J. of Christie
(love you, Babe) dearest mistaken woman. Kindly check the date of this previously sent email and find that it was sent yesterday morning.

Your Loving Suitor

Hello, Sweetheart

I love you more than I can express. You are so very much appreciated and adored. I will talk to you soon.


Dear Smart-Alecy Husband,

You're a putz. But at least you're hot, so you're forgiven. Can't wait to see you. ;)

Love, Me
and love me

Lady Lisa J. of Christie....I hereby declare my undying love for you. You are a precious flower awaiting my gentle caress.

Luv ya,

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  1. The reading of thy proclamation hath resulted in merriment and thus much health to the bones. The undersigned doth express her undying gratitude for such benevolence! :)

    The Toy Lady