Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beginning Stages

We're beginning the long process of getting our house ready to sell. 

And by beginning, I mean in thinking a lot about getting started, searching for a storage unit for all our junk, freaking out about it, and praying that all the clutter will somehow magically disappear. 

So far, no luck.

I'm not good at cleaning.  I'm not good at organizing.  I'm not good at accomplishing anything in a timely manner, or without becoming completely overwhelmed and crazy.  In fact, I'm not good at the whole motivation-thing in general.

What I am good at is singing, song-writing, decorating, writing, getting lost in books, loving on my kids, laughing, mooing at cows, making other people laugh, not worrying about anything, poetry, scrapbooking, being spontaneous, loving Jesus like crazy and having fun. 

None of which will help me sell a house.

I'm basically just a great big, hands-waving-in-the-air ADHD ball of creativity and silliness.

And you know how God often seems to match up crazy, unorganized, spontaneous people with spouses that are normal, organized and predictable?  Well, unfortunately for our home-selling endeavor, my husband is basically just like me, minus the ADHD and scrapbooking.  But man, do we have fun.  I've even got him mooing at cows now.

So what do I do when I look at my horribly cluttered home and want to cry because I have no idea how I will ever get started or even where I should begin?  When I know I have to start somewhere but am so overwhelmed I can't possibly even function?  Know what I do then?

I get distracted, I snuggle my kids, I bake cookies, and I don't worry about it, even though I should.

And then I sit down and write about it.

On a completely unrelated matter:  is anyone looking to buy a really really messy house?  I know where you can find one.

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