Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crazy Banaliens

Summer is well on its way to being over, fall "vacation" (as my teacher husband calls it) will be here before we know it, and my kids have finally settled into a routine of not getting along.  It's been hotter than unmentionable places for most of the past couple of weeks, and our little house seems to be bursting at the seams with people....sometimes cranky, sometimes delightful, sometimes (mercifully) sleeping.  

Delightful or Cranky?
Okay, truth be told, that "sometimes cranky" person has more and more often been me, and that quite possibly has something to do with the fact that I haven't had one full night of sleep in the past six months.  Or maybe my house can't handle two homemakers.  Or maybe it's just that my little bubble of personal space is constantly being popped by someone who wants something from me and I feel like I haven't had a moment of peace and quiet in forever and ever and ever.  I haven't been relaxed or well-rested or taken care of in eons, and I think it's finally getting to me.

I can't even think straight most of the time, I'm so overwhelmed.  I've got lots of big things on my mind, but even the plain, everyday thoughts and decisions, like what to wear or make for dinner, seem powerfully huge and impossible right now, and I just can't keep my head from spinning.

Crazy Banaliens
And so out comes Mrs. Crankypants, barking orders, making mountains out of molehills, and being a general pain in the just-had-a-kid-and-haven't-lost-the-baby-weight heiney.  Yelling at my children to "show the love of Jesus, for crying out loud!!!" as I rant and rave like a lady straight out of the proverbial loony bin, wherever that is.  If this keeps on for too much longer, I'm thinking I might actually get to find out.  Not entirely a bad thing, you know.  A nice, secluded, padded room is sounding pretty heavenly right about now.

Somehow in the midst of this chaotic summer, I've found solace in simply embracing my lunacy.  Letting my family see it, even share in it sometimes, has given me the freedom to go comically insane whenever the need arises.  For instance, there has been a lot of singing in our house as of late, some of it horrendously off-key.  There's been some screaming (as in "Mom's going to SCREEEEEEAAAAAAM!").  And spraying of children with water.  And random noogies.  And a ton of mooing and honking and neighing at passing animals.  Well, the animals aren't passing.  We're passing the animals in the car, not the other way around.  No, the animals aren't in the car, we're the ones in the car.  The animals are usually just sort of standing there.  As we pass them.  And moo or honk or neigh at them (it's kind of species specific).

As a means of amusing myself and the small people I live with, I've also been making lots of new food faces, which are a trademark of summer in our family.  The coolest thing about food faces is that no matter how long Mrs. Crankypants may have visited in the morning, when lunchtime rolls around, I am always the most spectacular mom ever.  Like Mrs. Awesomepants or something.  Or at least her first cousin.

Feel some insanity coming on, moms?  Life is crazy...don't hold back.  Go bananas...or kiwis...or plums...or even nectarines.  Who knows?  You could be Mrs. Awesomepants' first cousin, too.

  Blueberry Nerdman                                         Cheesy Bug Men

Okay, so I'm not responsible for what I write after midnight.  But seriously?  I hope someday my kids remember me for all the crazy, fun, and slightly insane things I did instead of for all the times I blew it.  Note to self: kill Mrs. Crankypants. 

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  1. mrs. crankypants has made quite a few appearances around here as of late. she's on my hit list...but very hard to capture. embracing the lunacy i think is good for all involved. thanks for the reminder, mama!