Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Death by Wednesday

I think Wednesday may kill me.

I'm not exaggerating.
Okay, maybe a little...but not much.

I found out several years ago that sometimes the biggest struggle with homeschooling is actually, well, staying home.  Especially with a big family, there's always something that needs to be done, something that needs to be purchased somewhere, and someone who wants to be involved in something somewhere else.  And since we live in the middle of nowhere, every something that's somewhere else takes a whole lot of time.  Now try saying that five times fast.

Each week, we have one day that loses a big chunk to our therapist, who is one of those "somewhere elses" that is super far away.  About every other Friday, we have another day that we lose to our church homeschool group, either for a meeting or for a field trip.  Since we're already losing an average of a whole day each week, and with a million other things that we either need to accomplish in a week or want to be involved in, I had to come up with some sort of plan to prevent running around town incessantly, so we would actually be at home sometimes.  You know, to homeschool.

So, I came up with the Wednesday Plan. 

The Wednesday Plan is really quite simple in design. 
Simply ask yourself, "Can it be accomplished on Wednesday?" 

Is the answer yes?  Cool.  Let's do it. 
Is the answer no?  Bummer.  Not a chance.

Band on Wednesday morning?  You bet!
Gymnastics on Wednesday morning?  Sure!
Choir?  On Wednesday?  Certainly!
Ballet?  What?!  On Thursday?!  Sorry, girls!
How about color guard instead?  Wednesday afternoon!
Doctor appointments?  Dentist?  Portraits?  We can squeeze those in, too...somewhere between band, choir, gymnastics, color guard and church.  I've got a few hours off! 
Grocery shopping...every week!
Clothes shopping....definitely!
Visit Great Grandma?  Sure...we can throw that in sometimes, too.
Church fellowship dinner is a must.
Then children's choir.
And children's church.
Then a quick trip to the craft store, or a stop for gas on the way home.

Into the car seats, out of the car seats, into the car seats, out of the car seats *twitch*, into the car seats, out of the car seats *emergency diaper change*, into the car seats *twitch, twitch*, out of the car seats, into the car seats, out of the car seats...

Into the driveway.
Into the house.
Groceries into the house.
Groceries into the pantry.
Children into pajamas.
Children into bed.
Complain about Wednesday on blog.


Yes.  I think Wednesday may kill me.

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  1. Music is almost done for the year. I think you'll make it :-)
    And then we'll miss you. Just think, what are you going to do all summer--assuming that this snow actually melts--with all those endless days of nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no people to see? Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?