Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Seven Days Ago

A foot away from me, snoozing away, lies the tiniest of miracles.

A living, breathing, nursing, pooping, and tinkling little miracle that smells of baby shampoo and slightly curdled milk, and whose cry can send me into a hormonal tailspin in a matter of seconds.

I cherish those smile-inducing sighs of contentment, and those trusting round eyes that bore into my very soul, melting my heart into a river of tears that cascades down my cheeks onto that sweet baby face.

This tiny baby son.

Love is far too shallow a word to describe the feelings I have for you, little one...

...the warmth of your fuzzy-soft skin against my chest, and the beautiful calm that fills us both.

Priceless is far too empty a word to describe your value, sweet boy... your Creator, to your Mama and Daddy, to your brothers and sisters, to the world. 

Such worth cannot be spoken, or thought, or even imagined.  

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

The pages of your life are already fully written with your story, with the works that have been prepared for you to accomplish.  Those you will love, those you will help, those you will influence and inquire of and impact...those pages of your life are already planned and awaiting the turning of your little hands as you start out on your journey, my tiny son.

Seven days ago today, you began that journey in this great big world...outside of your safe haven beneath Mama's heart. 

Seven days ago, I first held you in my arms, and I knew you were special.  Unique.  One-of-a-kind.  A masterpiece, just like every other baby, and yet at the same time unlike any other baby that will ever be.

Seven days ago, my eyes got their first glimpse of the miracle of who you are. 

And you are astounding.


Seven days ago, I finally got to meet my darling baby boy. 
But eight days ago, in some places, I could legally have killed him.

It's not lost on me that my son's last day in the womb, eight days ago, was also the day our country "celebrated" the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, of which no baby has ever heard, but countless have fallen victim to.  There is little value for life in our world.  We can make a difference by loving and valuing the life of every matter their difficulties or disabilities... from the first division of their beautifully created cells to the last beating of their hearts.

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